One of the main Target Group of DCI is Private and Institutional Investors: Know All About This

The investors (both private and institutional) are facing a number of challenges in the wealth management industry such as low-interest environment, shifting customer demographics, digital tsunami and rise of robo-advisory services.

It is very clear to investors that traditional ways of investing do not offer high returns to them.

If we talk about private investors, they also face challenges like limited investment opportunities, poor returns, and large capital requirements in the traditional wealth management industry.

Institutional investors, on the other hand, are also struggling to accept the crypto and ITO market due to lack of investment protection and poor regulatory compliance.

Institutional investors do understand that this new emerging digital market offers excellent opportunities for investment, but the unknown level of risk and lack of regulations are something that discourages them from entering this new reality.

Here is the Solution…..

Seeing such problems faced by private and institutional investors, DCI has taken every necessary step to minimize the unknown level of risk and increase transparency in digital investments for both the private and institutional investors.

DCI has a well developed ‘custodian’ framework that will offer investment protection to both private and institutional investors. For a specific type of product, protection will be offered through collateral assets.

DCI, unlike other investment platforms, will allow the investors to create a hybrid portfolio of ‘real and digital assets’ and invest in a multitude of tokenized assets through the cross-chain transaction facility.

DCI also offers a complete 360-degree view of the private and institutional portfolio, further enhanced by advanced technologies like AI, robo-advisory, machine learning and in conjunction with human advisors.

To gain institutional investors trust, DCI will work as a safe and regulated ecosystem. It will provide a simple legal & governance framework, comply with local regulatory requirements in specific regions, and will also offer advisory support.

The legal and governance framework of DCI will include the rules, disclosure, audit and reporting requirements for investors making digital investments.

In order to increase the transparency of risky investment for both private and institutional investors, DCI has integrated functionalities like:

  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Quantitative risk rating for ITOs
  • Token valuation
  • Fund performance analysis using AI and robo-advisory

DCI will serve a secure, transparent and open source Ecosystem for the institutional investors, which they can entirely rely on digital investments.

Therefore, DCI will serve a secure, transparent and open source Ecosystem for the institutional investors, which they can entirely rely on digital investments.

On the other side, private investors will be offered something unique by DCI like the ability to integrate all their real and digital asset investments in a single portfolio with a complete 360-degree view.

DCI Ecosystem: Alpha and Beta version

DCI is a completely agile company aiming to offer a minimum viable product (MVP) to customers as early as possible. It can be seen in our product development lifecycle and product release plan too.

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The Alpha version of DCI will be shared with a restricted number of people, which include asset managers, private investors, and financial institutions. The key functionalities of the Alpha version include:

  • Navigation
  • Portfolio view (Desktop)
  • Search/buy/sell tokenized assets and add to personalized portfolio functionality
  • The ability to buy/sell cryptocurrencies

The feedback received from the investors/clients of the Alpha version will be worked upon by DCI to make improvements in the Beta version by adding requested features. Although, all the capabilities of Alpha variant will still remain in the Beta version. Here are the key features of the Beta version of DCI:

  • Buy/sell tokens and cryptocurrencies
  • Cross-chain transaction capability
  • Third-party API connection
  • Third party API service providers (lawyers, accountants, and other market players in the IM space looking to be a part of DCI ecosystem)
  • Mobile version

This is who the DCI ecosystem intends to help Private and Institutional Investors.

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